5 things about my week...

I like lists. And when you're a busy mama on a big deadline...you rely on them and a little kookiness. So, I must rely on a list for my post today. Here are 5 things going on this week... 5-We started our science curriculum (Sonlight) this week. Curly (6) nearly as a conniption when we are finished for the day...she just wants more!

4-We have a stray cat we're feeding. Don't find that interesting? It is interesting when it's your husband telling you to put food out for the poor scrawny kitty. Seriously, ladies, he is getting some brownie points for that. I secretly plan to make friends with it, keep it, call it mine, and name it Sunday (because that's the day The Major saw it first). I have yet to see the stripey orange cat though.

Writing...writing...writing! (this was taken about a year ago at my parent's house.)

3-If you were watching me on Monday running on my treadmill you would've found me bawling my eyes out! Yes. Like that really ugly cry. I got it out. Why? I was reading and so caught up with the scene I just plain ole lost it! What am I reading? MOTHER OF PEARL by Kellie Gilbert. I'm about 60% done or so...I only get the chance to read when I run on the treadmill...a girl's gotta have some motivation. EXCELLENT book. Buy it!

2-Writing on a deadline makes me dead tired. I'm editing book 2 right now and desperately in need of starting book 3!!! Chatted and emailed with awesome-literary-agent-extraordinaire this week...what a lady. Love her. Have awesome editors also. Late night writing...lots and lots of late night writing.

1-It's the week of INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! That means my whole family is meeting at my sister's house about 5 hours away. Remember the conniption my daughter nearly has when Science is done...now I want to have one. EXCITED!