5 things...I love about my Amish heritage

Many of you know that I was born into an Amish family. My maiden name is Byler which is a popular Amish last name. If you've seen the last name "Beiler" it is pronounced the same name but just slightly different spelling. Like "Tyler" with a "B."

Here are a few reasons I love my Amish heritage in no particular order:

5-THE FOOD! Yes, it's true. The food is awesome. I wish I knew how to bake and cook more of it!

4-Simplicity. There is something so simple when I visit my Amish family that is hard to explain. No dings and bings or googling even. The tick-tock of the clock is heard in the comfortable silence of a room or the sounds of the farm animals from the barn. I love how beautiful their gardens are and how hard they work for that beauty!

3-Furniture. The furniture is so sturdy and well-crafted...they will last for generations! I LOVE my hickory rocker!

2-Language. I love that the Amish have a completely different language! Pennsylvania Dutch is a dialect of German. It is my first language and I speak it daily with my children...even though they feel more comfortable speaking English back. I speak it with my parents, siblings, and extended family. It is in my blood and I hope never to forget this wonderful language!

1-Focus on Family. I love that the Amish have such a strong focus on the family. This is a God-given focus that I believe is lacking in so many typical American families. They are not "nuclear" families. They support and help each other in every way imaginable...and not just family...but their treat their entire community like family! I just love this and strive to provide the same hospitality to those people God has put in my path.

Your turn: What do you love about your heritage? I'd love to hear from you!