Amish Adventure!

Just a little note to tell you that me and my family are moving! We currently live in the deep south near an Air Force base where my husband is a Major in the JAG Corps. We are nowhere near my family (Amish & nonAmish) or near really any Amish settlement that I know of. This has been fine since I have a lifetime of memories and visits throughout my year to make up for this. BUT...

As of last week my husband The Major has officially accepted a job in Pennsylvania!


This was totally unrelated to my writing venture just an extra blessing! We will be living in the heart of Amish country and I could not be more thrilled. I've never lived in PA but I do have cousins (1st and 2nd and beyond) there and some Great Aunts & Uncles. My husband has lived there when he was a young boy and also when he went to law school. He will still be in the Air National Guard, we aren't ready to give up all of our military roots, but we won't be in active duty anymore.

The "A" on the map is not where we will be living, by the way. It's just where the google puts the "A" when mapping PA.

I'm thrilled to share this news and excited for the next adventure in our lives! I hope to provide many more inspiring photos, recipes, and new memories making friends with and just being around the Amish community. I can't wait to speak PA Dutch with them. {wink}