Bookish "Pinterest" Board

I'm totally into Pinterest though I'm not on it tons. Here's what I've pinned lately...

Wanna see what's in my head...

I am amazingly in love with is my husband. So maybe that means, once we own a home again after we are out of the military & can settle somewhere...someday...we can do this. ;-)

Isn't it totally gorgeous!
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This is also in my head.

Yes...books should take us on a journey as readers and writers. This pathway looks so exhilarating I can almost have a seizure imagining it.

My thought on this also is how wonderful the Bible is for taking us on a journey. Thank you, Writer, for giving us Your Book.

Oh, the places they take me.
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This next photo is just me...yep, in my head, that's what it looks like. ;-)

In my head much?
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Thanks for coming on a little photo journey with me.

YOUR TURN: Do you have an image of something bookish? What's in your head? I'd LOVE to know!