Celebrating Daily

This is not the first Valentine's Day I've celebrated without my husband. I think the 2nd or 3rd.

I am I'd say fairly typical that I appreciate getting something for Valentine's Day...but I am not very high maintenance about it. I'd rather want something thoughtful than something expensive. I'd rather get that deep sense of romantic love (even the squishy, college sweetheart, starry-eyed kind) from time spent together than a gift that was clearly a quick drive-by online grab.

Yes, I've been annoyed that we've spent Valentine's apart before...because of "the job." I'm pretty sure I've even complained about it. {clears throat}

Goodbye Kiss
January 24th, 2012

But this year...yes, we are apart, but something I feel so strongly about is that I cannot complain about being away from him for Valentine's Day. Sure, I'd LOVE to have a romantic date with him and celebrate our love. I'd love to watch a fun romantic comedy or Pride & Prejudice for the millionth time & bask in the glory that is all things chocolate sans guilt day.

BUT...I have the distinct feeling that this might be the most memorable of Valentine's Days from previous years & for many years to come. We are apart...but I have never felt such a strong love for The Major as I do now.

I can see that I've been taking for granted his love, his presence, his help, his playfulness with the girls, his hotness (ooolala), his strength of character, his forearm where I love to lean, his hand that I love to hold...you get the picture...I've realized these first few weeks of the deployment that I haven't been giving enough credence, enough time, enough weight, enough thought toward my amazing husband.

No, I wasn't mean, not annoyed with him, not callous or unloving...but I wasn't intentional enough.

It is SO EASY to get caught up in the drama of life, the action of busy-ness, the animation of little girls, the complete comedy of life in in a mini-van, even...that the ROMANCE can be a little rushed & lost. I mean the romance that happens with two connecting souls...when your hands touch, your eyes meet, your voices fill the space of each other is all that matters.

I think I've missed reminding myself not just that HE picked me but...

I. PICKED. HIM! I didn't want anyone else but HIM. 

That is something I should be celebrating daily...

I think Valentine's day is going to be great this year...because the value of my LOVE for my husband has been multiplied in my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!