Fun with Amish Fiction

Through the past few years of writing my historical Amish series The Promise of Sunrise I learned a few things. Amish Fiction is the best. Here’s why…

1 — A direct celebrity connection with Weird Al Yankovich and Harrison Ford. Come on, how cool is that? If you prefer quirkiness over looks or vice versa—the Amish have it covered.

Paramount Pictures 1985

Paramount Pictures 1985

2 — Getting closer to this kind of fiction involves homemade pie and pastries. It’s research, right? Making and eating pie, cinnamon rolls, and entire Thanksgiving meals are purely for research. I wouldn’t dare go overboard and put myself in a carb-coma.

3 — Learning all about “sewing your wild oats” without getting into trouble. This one might be a close second behind the pie. You can also learn really cool words like rumspringa and vilda havvah seheh 

4 — Imagine being just one step away from the crazy cool pop culture references like Amish Mafia and Breaking Amish. It’s a little known fact that one of the top questions I get as an awesome Amish fiction author is Is the Amish Mafia real? My answer? You betcha…and I’m pretty sure Lebanon Levi is a distant cousin. 

5 — Learn the important Amish secrets like how women wear a dresses entirely held together by straight pins. Wouldn’t this information be vitally important during a wardrobe malfunction? A button popping off while at work? A zipper busted and you’re in the airport? Seriously, those evil things have nothing on a few straight pin!

6 — Amish and romance DO mix. Oooolala Why do you think they have so many children? I won’t embellish… If you don’t know, read my books.

And, last but not least, you’ll learn how to keep your curves in just the right places. 

7 — A90X. You don’t need a series of videos or even a yoga mat to do this. You might pop your buttons or zippers watching this so make sure to have a few straight pins ready (see #5)…you’ve been forewarned. Scroll play...