Homeschooling Growing Pains...

I am a self-proclaimed lover of all things homeschool. I love spending time looking through curricula in person and online. I love planning all our "read aloud" books. I love watching the girls grow and learn. I love knowing that their education is completely customized to their learning style. I love how when I read they sit closer and closer until they are on my lap by the end of the chapter—so into the book—then flail about when I close the book, making us all wait until the next day. I love having a flexible schedule to deviate from our regular studies to dig deeper or take a field trip or take advantage of a beautiful day for an unscheduled nature study—or finish a read-aloud cover to cover because we just can't put it down. Ultimately, I just love spending time with my girls and pouring my love and God's love into their lives. Those are my loves...among many more...but there are things that I struggle with...

A few weeks ago I posted this picture on Facebook.



Doesn't it look nice? Just my little girls reading and working by the fire—instead of our schoolroom. Curly still in her PJs even—which, for this kid, is unusual—she loves getting dressed first thing. The snow was falling outside and the heat inside was cozy. You can almost smell the wood and hear the crackle of the fire.

Can you also hear the complaining? Whining?

Well, not even an hour after I snapped this idealized picture of our school day...everything started going downhill.

Many people often tell me that they don't have the patience for homeschooling. Guess what...neither do I. Thank the Lord that He has the patience for homeschooling...and then provides me with the strength to press on.

This difficult day was the start of some serious growing pains in our schooling. My pride and selfishness wanted to blame my 6 y/o...but after a lot of soul searching, prayer (not enough, I have to say), chatting with my hubby, combing through homeschooling websites...I figured out what the problem was.


Yes. Me.

I'm not disregarding that my Curly-Q is still to be obedient and prepared to follow directions. She has an accountability for her actions all her own.

But lately, I've not been patient. I've been rushing our schedule. I am letting myself get distracted too easily making our lessons take longer than they need to.

I'm starting fresh again this week with a new outlook. Thankfully my 6 y/o loves new beginnings. We love new beginnings and we both love learning. Thankfully my sweet Curly Top doesn't hold grudges and enjoys being homeschooled. I'm thankful that she is who she is and such a blessing and happiness to me.

So here's to a new week...

Do you share my enjoyment of receiving a new start to a week? Do you find yourself needing to be refreshed this time of year in order to be successful? How do you motivate yourself to continue on after impatience and frustration?