Our Favorite iPad Apps

After my post about living a vintage life I want to still declare my love for technology. It just should be balanced with REAL LIFE and face-to-face contact. Our rules about iPad use:

1-Never use without permission. This applies even if a friend is using an iPad that she has access to and one of our girls wants to join in. Permission must be granted.

2-It is rare that iPad time is longer than 30 minutes unless we are on a road trip.

3-Obviously, nothing can be purchased through iTunes, even if it's free, without permission.

4-Please and thank yous make a difference!

Usually iPad time is not daily. A few times a week and often times for ten minutes or so. My oldest daughter has a lot of hair and even though we have it bobbed right now it takes some time (and patience) to comb through it wet...or if I'm braiding it. This about half the time ends up being a quick iPad time.

My preschool daughter every couple of days might get some extended time on the iPad depending on what we are doing with school with my older. It's all about balance.

Here are a few of our favorite apps:




toddlerteaserabcQuizzing Toddler/Preschool by Toddler Teaser--Funny Girl is 3 and loves this app. We do not do any formal early education, we do a lot of reading and play. We talk about letters and numbers...but no curriculum. So this app is a great addition to learning while having fun!



SuperWhySuper Why! App for iPad--Super Why! is Super Fun! It has 4 ways to play and both my girls love it...ages 6 & 3. My 3 y/o does not play it properly mostly, except for some of the letter recognition but I think it's fine that she's still watching the way that letters become words become sentences. We love Super Why!


reading eggsReading Eggs--This one I like but it has to be used in doses because it does not move fast enough for my girls. They love an app that provides a little more variety, but I think this app, though moves slower, is very helpful for sight words. It's still worth while.



stackthestatesStack the States-Both girls love this. It quizzes you on a lot of state facts and the shapes of the state. There are several games in the same app and all are fun. We usually play this as a family and it's amazing what they learn and remember!



endlessalphaEndless Alphabet-This is probably my 3 y/os FAVORITE educational app. It is super cute and focuses on how the ABCs make words. It's all funny monsters and heavy on phonics.






redridinghoodRed Riding Hood-This is from McGraw-Hill and there are quite a few stories. This is just one of 3 that we have. We also have Jack and the Beanstalk & Why the Sea is Salty. It has options for the child to read the story or be read to. There is very simple, silly animation on each page including a few sounds...but it is not a cartoon type of story where all the pictures move.


farfariaFarFaria-This is a paid subscription. We got in spurts of paying for it and then turning it off for a while. A LOT of stories. They can be read by the child or be read to. The girls both love this!



spidersteaSpider's Tea Party-This is also just such a fun story. The reader has a very pleasant voice and it is a huge favorite.





beebookBumblebee TouchBook-This was one of the very first apps I purchased. I think my 6 y/o was only 2. It is now a fav of my 3 y/o. It's a touchbook, so it's interactive...there are two options to play or watch. Both are cute.



I know there are some that I'm missing...but we usually rotate some of the apps since my iPad is pretty full and these are the current ones loaded that the girls are enjoying.

I'd love more recommendations...especially educational ones. I'm a sucker for the teaching apps! What are your favorites?