Return to Love...WIN A FREE COPY!

Okay, all you writers...readers...and especially you INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE readers! Have I got a book for you!

Now, I have to be honest. I am not sure I've ever read a Love Inspired book. I think RETURN TO LOVE was my first Love Inspired book & it was my first Betsy St. Amant book. BUT, I can honestly tell you that it won't be my last on either counts.

I bought Betsy's book when I ran across her through website hopping. A young SAHM with a little girl she affectionately calls Little Miss. She's smitten with her hubby and in love with motherhood and she's a published writer! I was instantly drawn to her since we share a lot in common--I'm a SAHM, have an amazing husband, and my own little miss I call CurlyQ. I'm a few years older than Betsy and my little girlie is about a year older than hers. Ya see, we should be--like--best friends! {wink}

I think that if Betsy & I met in Chick-Fil-A with our girls we'd become fast friends. AND Betsy & I are FACEBOOK, there you go. I probably know more about what's going on in Betsy's day than her neighbors who aren't her Facebook friends...though, I'm not saying she's not Facebook friends with her neighbors, it's just that--well, you get the picture. {grins sheepishly} Oh, and my name is Elizabeth and a nickname of Elizabeth is Betsy and I used to go by that in my softball playin' days. We were meant to be friends!

Anyway, I'm just sayin'...Betsy seems like an awful neat young woman and I was thrilled to jump on Amazon and buy her book RETURN TO LOVE. THEN, low and behold, I win a copy from Betsy herself...a SIGNED copy. Of course, I'm keeping the signed copy...but I am doing a fabulous giveaway for my other copy. {YAY}


Return to Love is a terrific love story about a young woman named Gracie. It opens with her feeding her beloved penguins. YES, penguins. I love penguins so I was especially sweet on these little birdy scenes. In the back of the crowd of onlookers as she delivers her short speech regarding the penguins she seems the guy who broke her heart. He former best friend, Carter.

Carter had no idea that Gracie worked at the Acquarium and was just as shocked as she. He was touring around New Orleans, visiting a former college roomie, who also is the youth pastor at Gracie's church. 

Gracie is just flabbergasted at seeing her old pal who she'd fallen for as a teen...but in seven years, has he changed at all? Or was he the same heartbreaker? 

Gracie is forced to deal with her feelings and with Carter as she plans a huge Gala event to help raise money for another aquarium's displaced penguins. Will Carter save the day? Or will he cause more stress than Gracie can handle? Or both? Read it and find out! 

Betsy does a great job of showing Gracie's tension around Carter. You feel sympathetic and nervous for her. For anyone who has dealt with a breakup at all, you know what it's like when you're suddenly forced into the same room with the other...uncomfortable. The dialog that Gracie has internally & with her best friend Lori were realistic and heartfelt. They were focused on helping the reader understand why she ws afraid and not sure if she wanted to trust Carter again. But, truly, it was about whether or not she was willing to trust God.

Carter also had plenty to say. He and his youth pastor friend Andy are living like 2 bachelors trying to figure women out. Andy is cool and collected but our main-man Carter has had such a change of heart toward God he isn't sure what to do about his feelings for Gracie. He isn't sure she'll understand the changes that he's experienced in their years of separation from being a popular singer in a well-known band to a solo artist, preferring worship songs in churches. AND, he has a secret...that I will not reveal.

Betsy has written a well-crafted sweet story of love. It is romantic, heart-warming, and a cozy read. I truly enjoyed reading RETURN TO LOVE and often found myself smiling as I read. And, since I have my own love story with my husband and I. Our dating experience had a similar flair though our separation was around 5 years from break-up to the rekindled relationship...I could truly relate with Gracie. Shock, confusion, fear...FAITH.

I would highly recommend this tender story of how God can provide the faith needed to rekindle broken hearts and help them RETURN TO LOVE.


All U.S. residents are eligible...bloggers and non-bloggers. No purchase necessary at all. Just a drawing from among commenters on this blog and from Facebook commenters.