Since my last blog...

This one didn't make the top 5 but
it is a REALLY good lesson.

Okay, so I am seriously behind on blogging. I really didn't take into account the enormity of the deployment and how it would affect real life. Wowzers! I don't know how Military Wives do it who have husbands gone for a year or more and numerous deployments! You are heroes in my book! 

I did learn a lot about myself and I was able to accomplish and experience some things since my last blog...

Here's my list...

5 Things I learned about myself since my last blog...

5-I'm an emotional eater! Yep...what's my poison? Tortialla chips with cheese melted all over...I'm not kidding when I say that my stomach audibly growled just now typing that. I'm totally eating some after this blog is written.

4-I still need my mama! Okay, so I already knew that, but it was more obvious to me when I made my 6 week trip "back home" into 4 1/2 months!   

3-I really love rural living! I thought I gave this up when I married into the military and have lived in subdivision after subdivision. Nope...for 4 1/2 months I returned to my country-girl roots. I miss it! My girls THRIVED in this environment and I hope someday we can have that rural life for our family.

2-I realized that while I am a SAHM (who writes-at-home, too) and I do about 95% of the cooking, laundry, schooling, diapering, bathing...etc...that my husband still does A LOT for me! I've always known that he's an amazing husband and father...but being away from him for 6 months...good grief. I just love that man! 

1-I need to depend on God way more than I do! Period! Exclamation Point! does this better me? 

I've always been a self-reflective person. I am always trying to figuring something out and learn something new about myself and my world. So for me this was like therapy...except I wasn't on a couch talking to anyone but myself...maybe I do need therapy? Well, I God taught me that without my whole heart dependent on's just barely surviving. When I leaned on Him to get me through my emotional eating, lonesomeness, and so many other things...He made me thrive! 

What have you been up to in the last few months!? Have you learned anything exciting about yourself?