That feeling of being home...

My husband "Esquire" and I have been married for nearly 10 years. My husband was active duty Air Force when we were married and was stationed at the JAG Legal Office at Lackland. I moved from Michigan to San Antonio after we were married and our life as a military couple began. MOVE 1 Suddenly my friend making skills were being put to the test. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Like the group of friends I moved away from...the new friends I met also had their group of friends. But, we had a good church and a few military friends also. Our time there was short and 13 mos after we were married we were moving to Colorado Springs to the Air Force Academy. MOVE 2

God brought instant friends to us within weeks of moving and we spent the next 3 years with the most amazing friends and church. We went through infertility and IVF and the birth of CurlyQ. When we were given the impression we would be in Col Springs for another year we decided to move to another rental...MOVE 3. The day after we moved into this rental we were told we were moving in 3 months. We were moving back to San Antonio (but a different Air Force base) when CurlyQ was 16 months old. It was a very hard good-bye. MOVE 4

This time in San Antonio I joined an amazing writing critique group. I also had different infertility therapy and ten months later we were expecting. Thank goodness we planned a home birth since our little whirlwind 2nd daughter "FunnyGirl" who came so fast we never would've made it to a hospital. Actually, my midwife didn't even make husband delivered her with CurlyQ who was 3 1/2 years old and learned very quickly about how babies are born! We were in San Antonio the 2nd time for 3 years.

We left San Antonio when CurlyQ was 4 and FunnyGirl was 10 months old. Another difficult move that changed so much of my life because of losing my writing group. MOVE 5 In Montgomery we learned within a month that Esquire was deploying in less than 6 months. We struggled through that with God's protection and comfort and returned. Once he returned he began searching for a civilian job.

My daughter Curly swinging in our backyard with one of her besties...a military brat living on the other side of the world now.

About a year after his return from deployment we were moving again...but this time it wasn't just "MOVE 6" was more than that.

This move meant ROOTS. My husband was offered a civilian job and also continued his military connection through the Air National Guard.

I firmly believe that a family can develop roots even while moving around every few's a unique form of roots...BUT MOVE 6 opened the doors for a more traditional sense of roots...the kind that Esquire and I had been longing for.

...we bought a house.

...we painted every room in our new house.

...we are planning some awesome renovations!

but most of all

I'm home!

...we had a feeling of being home.

We've been living here for four months and it just keeps getting better. No, it's not the Promised Land and of course we will experience a variety of changes on many levels. We probably won't live in this house for the rest of our lives. We probably won't even live in this town or state for the rest of our lives. But there's something so special about living here. The feeling of home is here. The sense that we are connecting with other families for the long haul and that they see the value in our permanence. It just feels different...and I like love it.

AND...last but not least...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING HUSBAND! He truly is my better half and the most amazing husband and daddy.

Have you moved around a lot? Or have you lived in the same place for many years? I'd love to hear your experiences.