Vintage Me

My mom told me that as a toddler I used to take a pen and paper and scribble line after line almost every night before bedtime. I was writing, I told her. I guess it was always in my blood.

The first thing I remember writing was total plagiarism.

A friend and I watched a movie about a plane being hijacked and so we hijacked the storyline and made our own book. We illustrated it. Bound the notebook paper with staples. Made two copies…one for each of us.

A few years later I started writing a book called “Randi’s Will”. I think I was 12. It was about a high school girl who loses her parents and ends up in foster care with her little sister. I wrote it out long-hand and kept it in a binder. I really hope that book never surfaces. In one hospital scene I called a “defibrillator” a “zapper”. {blushes}

I used character names inspired by two main sources:

Anne & Gilbert
1-Anne of Green Gables…still love that whole series. I named the foster parents “Shirley & Gilbert”. I thought that wasn’t too close to Anne & Gilbert. {clears throat}

2-Santa Barbara…an old soap opera occasionally on in our house. I think the name was Cruz and he was a handsome Hispanic man. Totally ripped the name and my “love interest” was almost this exact character, only younger.

While there has been many changes as my writing evolves…the one thing that hasn’t changed is the passion I have. I’m so thankful that God chose me to be a writer.