Want to learn more about the Amish?

I've grown up with my Amish family around me but I still don't know it all, that's for sure. So many districts do different things. And there are just intricate details that unless you are living it, you won't see it. I'm so thankful to have my Amish family and my parents (who were Amish until their mid-20s) as resources. Their honesty & candid feedback is invaluable. My mom and her sisters.

So, do you want to learn more about the Amish? I've been finding new resources everywhere! Here are a few:

Mission to Amish People (this specific link will show you a map and talks about population decline & growth)

Not Quite Amish (I am a contributing writer on this blog. Here you can find tips on how you can live more simply.)

PINTEREST (If you aren't familiar with Pinterest, you should hop over! Here's a link to my Amish board. If you search under "Amish" you will have even more Amish images to admire.)

A90x: How Amish Women Exercise (Yes, you can laugh on this video. This is my sister & I doing a fun spoof. Our Amish family LOVES this video.)

Das Loblied: The Amish Hymn of Praise (This is a great vocal on this song. The video images aren't stellar but the voices are amazing. I love hearing them sing.)

I find all of this still very interesting even while their lifestyle is just 2nd nature to me. I wouldn't know my life without my Amish heritage completely engrained in it. I'm so thankful for my heritage!

YOUR TURN: What about these links or something you've learned about the Amish particularly fascinates you? I'd love to hear from you!