Haven't had a chance to write all week for one reason or another. It's been crazy! BUT...I'm determined today to try to get a lot accomplished.

I'm at my corner office with a window at a local coffee place (not Starbucks). Coffee on hand like an I.V., the rain beyond the window, and Daddy having fun with CurlyQ. Shouldn't be a whole lot (other than the internet) to keep me from writing today!

Oh, and what am I reading right now? Well, thanks for asking. I am reading In the Shadow of Lions by Ginger Garrett. So far...I'm just not in love with it. I'm almost 1/3 of the way through and having a hard time staying really connected with the characters and the plot. I hate saying that because I'm sure Ginger Garrett is a lovely person but for some reason this book isn't touching me anywhere...yet. I LOVE Henry VIII books...like LOVE...I even have an Anne Boleyn necklace with the "B" and pearls. I am a huge fan and I'm still just not loving this book yet. I say 'YET' though with the hopes that I will.