Word Count...

Well, my word count is improving...unfortunately it is not my WIP. My word count for how much I'm reading is going up and up and up.

I finished Return to Love by Betsy St. Amant on Tuesday. It was the first Love Inspired book I've ever read...thoroughly enjoyed it. I will do a review & giveaway soon. {yay}

I started reading Breach of Trust by DiAnn Mills today. I can't put it down. She certainly has a way with characters...I am loving Paige Rogers, her protagonist. She's compelling and strong. Hmmmm...guess I picked the right fiction mentor, eh?

I'm not finished yet with Breach of Trust...but I plan to read more tonight. I haven't traditioanlly been a romance reader (Return to Love) nor a more action type reader (Breach of Trust) so it thrills me that I leapt out of my comfort zone and have poured over these pages. I highly recommend both of these authors. Betsy a new writer and DiAnn a seasoned one...both with great stories to tell.